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50 Thumper

We are proud to introduce the first in our new line of cartridges the 50 Thumper™. The 50 Thumper™ is a subsonic rifle cartridge that fires a 600-750 grain .510 diameter bullet at 1050 fps. Like many high velocity rounds the subsonic 50 Thumper™ retains most of its velocity and energy out past 1000 yards. The 50 Thumper™ as with all the Thumper™ line is designed on the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. The Thumper™ uses readily available cases, bullets, and powder for easy reloading. It can use military 50BMG bullets as well as a wide assortment of cast bullets and any number of VLD 50 BMG bullets now on the market. Unlike the 50 BMG, the 50 Thumper™ can be shot for less than a dollar a round. Recoil is less than a .308 Winchester making it a truly enjoyable gun to shoot especially when suppressed. The 50 Thumper™ truly surpassed our expectations as a wild boar cartridge. There is simply no concern about a wounded hog getting away.

The Hawg with Suppressor

The 50 Thumper™ was designed to be fired in our new custom rifle “The Hawg”. It is built on the extremely popular Remington 700 long action. The actions are blueprinted in our shop and the trigger is cleaned up as to pull and feel. It has a match grade 1-9 ˝ “twist” barrel. The stock is a Bell and Carlson Varmint/Tactical stock with fully adjustable butt plate and a cheek piece that is adjustable for height. It comes standard with a Kick Eeze butt pad, tactical bolt knob, custom muzzle break, and a picatinni rail on top. You can have your choice of bead blast or polished bluing or Parkerizing on the steel parts.

The Hawg

Our optional custom suppressor brings out the full potential of “The Hawg”. The suppressor is made out of 4130 steel and finished to match this rifle. It is constructed with a stainless steel monolithic core baffle system inside for strength and durability. Ease of disassembly eliminates the worry of lead and powder buildup. Our custom suppressor not only quiets the 50 Thumper™, but reduces recoil.

Wild hogs have become a huge problem here in the United States; they are destroying crops and grazing land as well as natural habitats. Most states consider the wild hog an invasive species and therefore have no hunting regulations on them. “The Hawg” chambered in 50 Thumper™ is our answer to this problem.

“The Hawg” is an incredibly effective hunting rifle. It allows hunters to shoot all day long without breaking themselves or the bank.



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